It’s complited

Life is a maze,

A maze where you’re stuck,

With different ways,

You leave it , all on your luck.

Life is a dream ,

You live as you go,

But this dream is too short

You wake up before you know .

Life is all about love,

And wherever you may

find. Maybe not now ,

But you’ll find it someday

My Pride❤

Hi! I am Noone and I am 14 , from now  everyday I am going  post one or more of my poems . I wrote this one last night it’s called ‘My Pride’.

Walking with you,

Our hands were tied

Like I do, every time

when they want us to hide,

They say I’m afraid , but it’s my pride.

You wouldn’t tell me if you know,

But when they stare,

And when they say,

And I wouldn’t lie.

I smile every time,

Doesn’t mean I don’t cry.

If you’d ask me someday ,

I’m afraid or wanna hide ?

Imma hold your hand and take back my pride